Faculty and Staff

Janice Hume, Journalism Department Head

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Email At jhume@uga.edu

Keith Herndon, Executive Director — Cox Institute, Director — Journalism Leadership Lab

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Email at klhern@uga.edu

Amanda Bright, Director — Journalism Innovation Lab

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Email at amanda.bright@uga.edu

Lori Johnston, Director — Journalism Writing Lab

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Email at ljohns@uga.edu

Charlotte Norsworthy, Journalism Instructor

Email at norsworthy@uga.edu

Anettra Mapp, Business Manager — Cox Institute

Email at amapp@uga.edu

Mikaela Cohen, Graduate Assistant

Email at mikaelacohen@uga.edu

Kate Hester, Graduate Assistant

Email at kathryn.hester@uga.edu

Kyra Posey, Graduate Assistant and host of The Lead podcast

Email at kyra.posey@uga.edu