Cox Institute’s Podcast Work Featured on Leadership Podcast

A recent episode of The Leadership Educator podcast featured a discussion about the podcast initiatives of the James M. Cox Jr. Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management and Leadership.

The Leadership Educator’s hosts Dan Jenkins and Lauren Bullock interviewed Keith Herndon, the Cox Institute’s director, and Charlotte Norsworthy, who was the Cox Institute’s graduate assistant prior to graduating with her M.A. in Journalism. Norsworthy, who also served as an undergraduate fellow, was an award-winning host of the Institute’s podcast, The Lead, and later was its executive producer.

Norsworthy and Herndon discussed the pedagogy of The Lead podcast and its mission to serve as a learning laboratory and as a valuable archive of compelling interviews with media leaders. An innovative practice paper about The Lead co-authored by Norsworthy and Herndon won a Distinguished Paper award at the 2020 annual conference of the Association of Leadership Educators.

This episode of The Leadership Educator podcast can be heard through Spotify or Apple Podcasts.