Journalism Leadership Lab

The Journalism Leadership Lab prepares students for leadership roles in the news media, addressing strategic challenges faced by contemporary news organizations.

  • SABEW president Joanna Ossinger (center) presented students (left to right) Kinsey Lee Clark, Grace Donnelly, Brittney Laryea and Kendall Trammell with certificates during the SABEW fall 2015 conference.


Our Programs and Events

The Lead Podcast is hosted by students and involves conversations about how to get ahead in the news industry, told by the people who did.

Levin Leaders, selected competitively, are immersed in a hybrid training experience that combines the best of online education with facilitated leadership development workshops.

The Betty Gage Holland Award, founded in 2005, annually recognizes excellence in college journalism and honors the late Betty Gage Holland, a long-time friend of journalism education at the University of Georgia.

The Cox-SABEW Fellowship recognizes students who are learning and engaging in business journalism. This program started in 2013 and has recognized 42 students as Cox-SABEW Fellows.

Contact Dr. Keith Herndon, director of the Journalism Leadership Lab, with questions.